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Process Measurement Company provides calibration services  in either our laboratory or on-site to a wide range of industries.  Services can be custom-tailored to meet every client's specific  requirements whether it is one or a thousand pieces. Many customers have the misconception that on-site calibration service will cost more than service in our lab. The truth is that the savings in handling, packaging, and freight costs offset the cost of traveling to your location. A sampling of the items PMC calibrates is listed below.

Electronic Calibration - Amplifiers, Cable Locators, Cable Testers, Calibrators, Capacitance Meters, Chart Recorders, Clamp-on Meters, Counters, Curve Tracers, Decade Boxes, Distortion Analyzers, Frequency Analyzers, Function Generators, Harmonic Analyzers, Hi-Pot Testers, LCR Meters, Logic Analyzers, Megohmmeters, Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Power Quality Meters, Power Supplies, Pulse Generators, RF Meters, Signal Generators, Sound Level Calibrators, Sound Level Meters, Spectrum Analyzers, Stopwatches, Timers, Waveform Analyzers

Hand Tools Calibration - Bore Gages, Calipers, Crimpers, Durometers, Force Gages, Indicators, Levels, Micrometers, Protractors, Sqyares, Steel Rules, Straight Edges, Tape Measures

Hard Gage Calibration - Angle Plates, Depth Masters, Disc gages, Feeler Gage Blocks, Height Gages, Kal Masters, Mic. Masters, Mic Standards, Optical Flats, Pin Gages, P;ug Gages, Radius Gages, Ring Gages, Step Gages, Taper Gages, Thread Plugs, Thread Rings, Thread Wires

Pressure/Torque Calibration - D/P Transmitters, Gauge Pressure Transmitters, Manometers, Pressure Calibrators, Pressure Transducers, Pressure/Vacuum Gages, Torque Calibrators, Torque Meters, Torque Screwdrivers, Torque Watches, Torque Wrenches, Vacuum Calibrators

Temperature & Humidity Calibration - Glass Thermometers, Humidity Indicators, Humidity Sensors, Hygrometers, I/R Thermoometers, RTD Probes, Temperature Calibrators, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Indicators, Temperature Recorders, Temperature Transmitters, Thermocouples

Other Calibration - Dead WeightTesters, Dynamometers, Environmental Chambers, Flowmeters, Hardness Testers, Laser Micrometers, Load Cells, Microscopes, Optical Comparators, Ovens. Profilometers, Roundness Testers, Scales, Soldering Irons, Spring Testers, Tensile Testers, Weights, Wrist Strap Testers.

If you do not see the items you wish calibrated in the listings above, please call or e-mail us.


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